Understand and remember a very simple thing: the other man, literally everything. It is pointless to expect that he will think and act like a woman. It is unreal. Men in their actions are guided by a completely different logic, and they have a different scale of values. What is important for girls, as a young person it may seem an insignificant trifle, and Vice versa.
Understand also that no man is able to read people's thoughts. And hints (even the most obvious, clear, from the perspective of women) he simply does not understand. So if you want compliments, tender words, - tell him about it directly! Let go of the thought: "If he loved you really he would know." Honestly: do you often guess what a man is thinking of what he would like?
Do not forget that the vast majority of men can not stand empty, meaningless chatter. And by this idle talk, they'll take the endless repetition of the same, even assurances of love. By the way, another serious mistake of the women: to put an equal sign between the concepts: "No words of love" and "the Absence of love itself". Understand this: if a man does not speak from morning till night, how fervently he loves you, it does not mean that he does not love you!
If you want to get men more tenderness, attention, care, act gently, with a truly feminine art. No reproaches, scenes, scandals. Unobtrusively, tactfully let him to the thought: "Well, if it's so important to her, why not control yourself? Women love such small concessions". Don't forget to sincerely praise the man, showing how you lots of its compliments, signs of attention.
Young people, in contrast to girls, think rationally, it is very important to the logic of things. So you can get her, explaining that only he will benefit if he becomes a bit softer, more emotional, more considerate to others (and to you in particular, of course). For example, it will be easier to conduct business negotiations, to attract new clientele. Such an argument would certainly make the proper effect.