To a man singled you out among others, you first engage it. Talk to him without being distracted by others. Also you should carefully listen to him and be nice.
When talking look the man straight in the eye, only occasionally open his eyes. Often smile, let him see that you are pleased to be in his company.
Also during the conversation, show your interest through non-verbal signs – gestures. Lightly touch her neck, earlobes. You can even touch the man's hand, just do it gently and kindly.
To have a man you love, you must show that you are not only beautiful but also smart enough. You should be able to hold a conversation, sometimes even offering advice and help.
Men are predators, so if you show that you are ready to fall at his feet, he quickly switches to another victim. Always play with a man like a cat with a mouse. Sometimes be gentle and pliable, and sometimes become strong and independent.
Be for man a mystery. Understand that the book that is read cover to cover, not interesting. So the man loses interest in a woman he knows "from" and "to".
Also you have to look good, not only in the beginning of the relationship. Periodically go to the hairdresser, watch out for your wardrobe, do manicures and pedicures. You have to look sexy and beautiful.
Men typically love to eat. So you should be able to cook and not just cook the pasta, you should cook such dishes, which he did not eat never in my life.
Of course, the important role played by intimate relationships. Be honest with your beloved, try to add variety to your sex life.
Try to avoid the scandals don't make a tantrum, in any case do not inflate "out of proportion". Remember, this is only a repellent man. Be gentle, affectionate and caring.