1. To understand what the person next to you. He might be a lover of novelty. Once you were brand new to him. And now seem to have long known and familiar to the smallest nuances. And involve new experiences, open, women.In this case, you should change the most. To try different styles of behavior, to change the images. And diversify your communication, starting with sex and ending with the weekend.
There is another option – your husband just not satisfied with something in the relationship. For example, you always listen to the advice of mom, and it's annoying husband. He considers you a dependent, plus don't usually agree with Tiffany.In this case, you need to analyze his words and actions. Maybe you will not be difficult to change something in their habits, and your image will coincide with the image of the ideal women in the eyes of her husband.
2. Love yourself and give yourself more time. Join a gym, visit the beauty salon, do not forget about self-development. Spouses often problems arise when one of them develops over time and the other remains at the same level. With implementation of this advice can be difficult if you are a housewife, you have a small child, and the only entertainment – watching the series. And the husband goes to work, his busy life, he rotates in a circle of interesting people, he knows the technical and other innovations. That is, it develops, lives in step with the times. In this case, you still need to find time and opportunities for your personal self-improvement. And be sure to show your husband that your household chores are no less important than his work. What education and child care is a crucial case, and, for example, the process of cutting the baby teeth requires special attention from parents. Even if the husband is also involved in the child's upbringing and care. Understanding that this is not easy, will enhance your credibility. The stronger husband will become attached to the child that will strengthen the family as a whole.
How to enchant <strong>husband</strong>
3. Husband too spoiled. In love, one loves and the other accepts the love. This rule doesn't apply to all relationships. But it is true when one spouse is indifferent and doesn't value marriage, and the other loves and wants to save the relationship. Perhaps indifferent husband really needs his mate. Only he doesn't realize it. Remember another saying: "That we do not store, lost – weeping". Wife cares about the husband, washes his clothes, cooks, loves and venerates him. And the man gets bored. He is by nature a hunter. He is not interested in such relationships, they do not have raisins. What to do. "The less we love a woman, the easier she likes us". Relative to men, this statement is also true. Represent the coldness – even if not always, but sometimes. Try not to be Intrusive and not hang on the neck. Better be a little bitch. It is no secret that men are hard linked it to headstrong women, capable to make a scandal out of nothing. Just make sure that the caprices did not grow in constant dissatisfaction with her husband. Use method "bitchiness" to introduce novelty into the relationship and in any case not saw husband.
How to enchant <strong>husband</strong>