Bachelors themselves build your life and try not to allow a woman to manage his farm. Usually all their stuff is laid out in clear, easy scheme, to violate it is not recommended. If you meet with such a man, never try something to clean or wash, this will distract it from itself, millions of light years. Enjoy as usual and do not show any discontent. To fall in love with such a man in yourself, showing loyalty and understanding of his way of life.
Another view of the bachelor desperately needs a woman's care and custody. These men lived a long time under her mother's wing, and, deprived of a mother left in complete confusion. This bachelor you will vljubit in themselves to delicious dinners and clean shirts, but think for yourself whether you need such a man?
Bachelor-nerd, not seeing anything except his science, not in need of tasty dishes, it will not pay attention to cleaning his den. You can just move in to this miracle of nature and quiet love it without interfering with the genius move of his thoughts. Gradually the bachelor "will get used" to you, and he won't be comfortable in your absence.
The most difficult type of bachelor is a playboy. He can't stop in his quest to bring in his collection all the girls in the world. The woman in this case does not want to wait for him for health reasons can not go on "hunting".
To fall in love with this type virtually impossible. Sometimes it works the method of "imitation", i.e. you will need to behave the same way. Share with him the impressions of another victory, but to engage with playboy in intimacy is not necessary. Let suffering and dreams!
Successful and rich bachelor long to choose a woman worthy to become his wife. His feelings long ago, are measured by the face value of the bills to reach his heart, you first have to become a cold business woman. Impress this man, you can talk about the stock market and the real estate market in Europe.
Before you start hunting for the confirmed bachelor, look around, maybe you are near the person who would interpose obstacles to mutual love.