You must understand that rare man-a womanizer becomes a family man. After some time it again may awaken a passion for women's attention, and he will begin to flirt and cheat on you with others. Think about whether you are able to accept this situation, and if not – better not to get involved with a womanizer.
The appearance of such men is of great importance. So try to always look attractive but not too provocative. Beautiful figure, hair, makeup and clothes that leave space for imagination. It is not necessary to seduce him open neckline or short skirt such tricks to his routine.
Keep him at a distance. Players get used to the limelight when women are acquainted with him, and openly make it clear his sympathy. But you need to interest him so that he wanted you to do. Not scattered before him compliments, don't laugh at all jokes, let them know what his usual tricks are powerless. Realizing that his charms don't work, it wakes up the instinct of the hunter, and he will direct all the attention on you.
Reward him for his efforts. Impregnable tower to win is not interesting, so let him know that all is not hopeless. When he starts to show to get heightened attention, his jokes, smile or otherwise show his favor.
Stay confident, do not let yourself to suppress and defend your opinion on different things, he assents. You can harmlessly over him to make fun of, but don't wound his pride – bangers are usually selfish and do not forgive insults. Tell me a little about yourself, maintain the image of a mysterious stranger, he wanted to know you better.
When you start Dating, do not automatically agree to have sex. Pull back on this moment at least a few dates. And yet he waits, use all your charm, humor and SMARTS to keep him interested, something more than a beautiful body. Create a relationship between you, ask about his life and ask his opinion about things.
In the future you will have to constantly maintain his interest, so he is not interested in other women. Stay beautiful, confident, keeping a bit of mystery. Sometimes you can heat it up to the waning light emotions jealousy. Bring a bouquet of flowers from work, tell us how you made a compliment, let us understand the womanizer that you are interested in other men. Then he will lose interest in its prey, fearing that she will fly away to another.