Try to find a young person the maximum number of advantages. Focus on his positive qualities. So it will be easier to feel for him true feelings. Pay attention to his masculinity, intelligence, sense of humor, loyalty and kindness.
Spend a lot of time together. Hard to love a man, almost without knowing it. So you need to diversify communication with a young man who is nice to you. Try to learn more about his life and character. Gradually you will get closer and become a real couple.
Go on holiday with a guy. Look at it outside the usual circumstances. This will help you to re-evaluate your boyfriend and let him open up to you. A romantic setting will help you burn the guy's true passion.
Get a common hobby with your boyfriend. Spending time together brings a man and a woman. Thanks to a particular hobby, you will have topics for conversation, and in your pair come to an understanding.
Meet the friends and family of the young man. Good attitude with family and friends will help you to feel to the young man's true feelings.
Ensure that between you there was always respect and understanding. It is these qualities that allow man and woman to be happy together. With time will come and true love.
Awaken your passion. The intimate side is very important in a relationship. If you make it, your Union will be stronger, and the feelings stronger. Therefore, it is important to share your preferences in bed and try to satisfy your partner.
Take care of the guy, help him with advice or sympathy in difficult situations. The more emotional strength you will invest in a young person, the more expensive it will be.
Appreciate the good that does for you young man. Signs of attention, compliments, care and gifts - all this he does from the heart. Do not ignore such a good attitude.
Try some time to see a young man. Perhaps the separation you realize that your feelings for him are much more serious feeling than simple interest. Sometimes the distance helps loving hearts closer.
Remember that it is not necessary to be with a guy just out of a sense of gratitude. Work on your attitude young man, try to awaken love for him. But if you do not get this, do not step over myself.