Buy in-store album for photos. Better if it album a neutral color with blank pages. This will allow you to purchase it in full accordance with your taste, nothing will limit your actions. Design start with the cover. It can be decorated with clippings from a magazine, embroidery or just to paint. Another option is to wrap the cover with cloth. This is very suitable for diaper, which was wrapped your baby at discharge from the hospital.
The birth of a child is preceded by a remarkable period in the life of a young couple - pregnancy and anxious expectation of the birth of a new member to their family. Dedicate this time, the first page of the album. Glue the pictures of pregnant moms, the first pictures of the baby on the ultrasound. Take the time to write your impressions about this time, while the memories are still fresh. Describe how you feel, how to communicate with your child as dad was stroking his tummy and applied it to the hand when the baby moved.
Insert the album the first photo of your baby. Let this be a picture taken with a mobile phone in the hospital. But this is the first picture of the new man, and she has the right to occupy a place of honor. On this page tell us about your emotions that he felt when he saw the baby for the first time. Indicate the date, time of birth, weight and height of the newborn. Then describe how I chose the name that it represents.
Discharge from hospital is one of the most touching and important moments. Mark it on the albume of the baby. Tell us about this day - as was happy family, which flowers gave dad mom's at the meeting. Make a large photo of the baby, insert it into the album, and next to it was my parents ' baby pictures. You can write your suggestions, what features the baby look like mom, and no dad.
There is a very popular technique with the young moms that fill the album of your baby. Take a photo of a child next to a great toy. And regularly make such photos. As the child grows, you can to see how he would catch a toy in size, and then grow. This series of photos will look pretty funny.
The main run of this albumand the regularity of its fill. Try not to throw it to take notes constantly. Stick him in strands of hair decorate the album with hands and feet prints of your child. Photos dilute their memories, favorite verses and stories that you read to baby. In the future you will open this album and enjoy scroll it, remembering all the nice moments of the first days of your child's life.