Find out about their fines in advance. Call the district office and the traffic police say the number of car and date when you drove with excessive speed under the camera. Or the day when you are stopped by an inspector and fined, but the receipt you lost.
Learn about their outstanding fines on the website of the traffic police. For this complete graphs: state the car number and technical passport. The program will process the information and issue dates of the offenses and the amounts that must be paid. To pay the fines need no later than a month after a ruling, if you can initiate an administrative case.
Check and pay fines through an electronic terminal. To do this, fill in your details – surname, name and patronymic, as well as registration data of the car – registration number and registration certificate. The system generates a list of fines that you can pay for. If a lot of them and you do not have all sum to pay selectively. To this end, a number chosen by the violation check. When choosing, consider the prescription of offences, pay first the ones that can be expired.
In any manipulation with the car in the traffic police Department you will need to submit an application to remove or put the car on the account or pass the technical inspection. First the inspector will check that you have offenses. Ask any inspector, receiving documents for registration. He checks the computer and will print you a list of your fines. Do this before you apply, so you can save your time and nerves.
On roads patrolled by the highway patrol car, equipped with systems for the verification of offences. You can find out their penalties from the duty crew. If you are stopped for verification of documents or for the violation of traffic rules, ask the inspector if you have unpaid fines. As a rule, they will gladly tell you when and how much you violated traffic rules.