You will need
  • - ads in the media and on the Internet.
The most in demand in the far North men, which can be in the drilling, installation, construction, engineering, welding work. Also required specialists in the transport of goods and workers without a degree. Women under 36 years of age can get the cooks, the vendors, the waitresses.
Find vacancies it is possible, referring to ads placed in the media. In addition, in areas with unstable economic situation where there are no vacancies available at the place of permanent residence, working in shifts in the far North offer labor exchanges and employment agencies of the population.
On the Internet there are many sites that host this kind of advertisement with job offers and list of available vacancies. All advertising ads are the phone numbers which you can call and find out all the information in more detail.
High-class specialists who are familiar with rig may be placed in the media and on the Internet your ad about finding a job in the far North. Potential employers often review the proposals of applicants and offer of work, by calling the above number.
It is also worth sending your CV to big companies: Slavneft, Gazprom, Rosneft, Urengoigazprom, "Surgutneftegas", "NNG".
Often, the employer provides training for its own account worker without a degree. After the preparatory course receive a license to work in the highest paid specialties.
Most employers who work in shifts, paid travel to place of work and back, daily allowance, give a hostel.
Don't forget that easy money in the far North did not earn. Extreme weather conditions, hard physical labor, always moving in relation to the work in shifts – all of this requires great physical stamina and tremendous health.