You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the documents confirming the experience;
  • the testimony of the witnesses.
Personalized account began operating in 1996. This year, all the premiums accrued in the Pension Fund, are recorded, so confirming the experience to the loss of documents is not necessary. Territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has all the information for each period of employment if the employer deducted from the wages of the insured person the pension contributions.
If employment history is lost and it is necessary to confirm work experience prior to 1996, you will have to file a claim in court. In addition to the application please attach documentary evidence to confirm that you worked at a particular company in a certain period of time.
To prove the possible experience certificates from the archive that the Pension Fund takes into consideration, but if historical data is not preserved due to fire, flood, other natural disasters or careless storage of documents, to help to confirm the experience, is simply impossible.
At the conclusion of the employment contract second copy remains with the employee. If you have kept your copy, it will be strong evidence to confirm the period of work for a particular enterprise. In addition, you can submit any documentary evidence that will confirm your employment. This can be a Bank document confirming the transfer of wages, extracts from orders, membership books, agreements, specifications, statements of payroll, Union tickets.
Military service, caring for children with disabilities, for close relatives who are disabled of the 1st group, and elderly parents to 80 years are also included in the seniority when calculating pensions. To confirm military service get help in the military Commissariat. To confirm the experience for the care of such persons, submit the medical report of the medical institution.
The court takes into account the testimony of witnesses who can confirm the work periods. Invite to court two or more co-workers willing to testify about your performance on a particular enterprise in a certain period of time.
On the basis of a court order, the territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation will deliver all of proven work experience.