Find additional lever to lock the differential, it is closer to the driver. At the entrance to the back vague road stop the car and turn the locking transverse differential by transferring a lever in position "Back". On the instrument panel should illuminate the light.
Stop the machine and install the lever responsible for the downshift in the position "Forward", as soon as the car begins to stall even at low speed. Calmly along a country road.
Stop the machine and disconnect lock differential, moving to a higher gear as soon as you go on a flat road. This will help you avoid the wear of the differential gears.
Thus, the locking cross-axle differentials are most effective when the weight is between the wheels of the axle are unevenly distributed, for example, when both wheels on one side hit a rut in the clay or in a ditch with water, and others go higher on a dry level surface, or in the case of a complete separation of the wheel from the surface, for example, in overcoming obstacles of the ridge.