Take advantage of international social networks. Many citizens of Russia at the moment registered in the network "Vkontakte", "Classmates" and Facebook. For search you need is the data that you already have. Type in the search engine the information available, and it is likely that the page with the appropriate person you find. And it is very easy to obtain data on place of work of the person and his contact number.
Refer to databases of phone numbers. If you assume that the wanted person lives in a large city, there is a chance that you will find his number. The largest database are here: Phone.desk,,
Try to contact a special search servers on the Internet. They work with databases of the police and prosecutors and may be able to help you. These services cost money, but you are guaranteed a result.
If you managed to find out a city that is home to people, contact passport office. If you have friends in the police or to the passport and visa service, you can ask them to help you. Police files show, which spelled out the man did not appear whether he was in any criminal cases and was involved for administrative offences.
In a difficult case, hire a private investigator. May his services will cost you a lot of money, but a licensed professional has access to these archives, to get to you without special permission would be impossible.
Be patient. Because people can repeatedly change the address of actual residence, the woman could change the name, in the end, you can just leave the country. Use all available means and you will find someone you care about.