Despite the fact that a quota is issued by the Department of health, paperwork does physician. Ask him to make a referral for a comprehensive examination, which will confirm the need for costly treatment. Pass all the necessary tests, get the conclusion of the recommended specialists.
Learn from the physician a detailed statement of medical history indicating the results of completed surveys. Will refer to the chief doctor of the medical institution with a request to certify the signature and seal of the medical records.
Make sure that the leadership of the medical facility where you have sent your documents for review to the Department of health. Write down the date when it happened. As a rule, the study of documents takes about two weeks. Be prepared for the fact that you may be invited for a consultation, but don't be alarmed if this has not happened. The personal presence of the patient is required only in case of disputes.
Find out from the physician what the decision was based on your question. If it is positive, and the quote obtained, your medical records will be forwarded to the clinic providing the PMF profile of your disease. There will be decided the question of the date of admission. In the case of lack of space your data will be entered in the waiting list.
If necessary, emergency medical care, the quota may occur in an expedited manner. For this to be discharged from the medical history shall be accompanied by a report of the attending physician that delay could cost lives.