For a start buy in a pet store aquarium. It needs to be small (twenty centimeters in height) and narrow (length to width ratio should be approximately ten to one).
If the aquarium is not selling or you want to save money, take a sheet of glass, a knife for cutting the glass surfaces and silicone adhesive. Drawing on the sheet the outlines of the parts of the aquarium, cut glass pieces of desired size and glue them together. Then when the glue dries, carefully cut the protruding pieces of silicone. Aquarium ready.
Place in aquarium white sand or a special gel for ant farms. Of course, the gel will have to pay, however, its use has several advantages. In addition to that ant farm filled with a bluish transparent gel, will look more aesthetically pleasing, the issue of food the ants will be resolved in the gel contains the nutrients necessary for the ants for a full life.
When an ant farm is ready, take a young uterus, ready for oviposition, and some ants, workers, and place them inside. The ants do not run, cover the tank with lid, but do not forget to remove it at least once a day, otherwise the animals will suffocate.