How to open a Bank account using Bank cards

Bank card has long been firmly entered the lives of ordinary people, they are much easier to the usual cash. To settlements with its employees using Bank cards becomes more and more large enterprises and medium-sized businesses. To be able to enjoy all the convenience this means of payment, it is necessary to have an open checking account in serving Bank. As a rule, large companies are self-ordered and control this process, employees can only sign a contract for banking services without visiting Bank branches. For all others, this moment may present some difficulty.

The process of making the Bank card takes time. You need to pre-write the application in the selected Bank, and then needs to be drawn up the contract for maintenance, giving the most comprehensive data on the physical person; the goal, which should open a Bank account; card type (debit, credit, social, etc.), selected payment system. After a certain period of time necessary for the production of a personalized Bank card, the Manager should call the customer and invite to get a Bank product.

How to know the account number of your Bank card

Getting your hands on a Bank card, client is handed an envelope with a PIN code and a copy of the agreement on current account maintenance. Depending on the service selected, the documents can include other additional agreements. The contract must specify the account number that is different from the as number of the Bank card. This combination of 20 numbers, you have to inform your partners and contractors, if required to receive funds. There are several ways to get this information, if you can't find them in the contract:

- when conducting a payment transaction in the ATM or payment terminal appear on the screen data on the number of the account to be operated;

- most large banks can connect with online payments. This will require you to connect service "Mobile Bank". If the client avails itself of this opportunity, the account number can be found on the page after entering the necessary passwords.

- you can also call the Bank by phone of a hot line. Calls to the hotline in most of the banks can be done for free. After checking the information about the card holder, the operator will announce the account number of the client. If the data fail to coincide, the employee will refuse to give any information about the account, citing banking secrecy. In this case, you need to personally visit any branch of the Bank, to present their documents, and the operator will give the necessary information.