You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - the transfer order of the employee.
If you transfer the employee to another position or to another business unit, you need to make the appropriate entry in the work book. According to the law, the transfer of an employee is possible only with its written consent.
Receive from the employee a statement of his consent to the transfer, on this basis, the personnel office will need to issue the order. The form of the order approved by the resolution of Goskomstat of Russia from January 5, 2004 No. 1 "On approval of unified forms of primary records for accounting and remuneration".
When changing work duties, for example, in the case of increasing of the employee, in the book is the following entry: "Transferred to the post..." if you change responsibilities, and structural subdivision, "Transferred to the Department (Department, workshop, etc.) ... for the position of ...".
The name of the position with the qualifications make according to staffing. A record of the transfer should contain instructions on where and by whom adopted, the employee, don't write about the trial period.
Familiarize the employee with the made in the work book entryYu on the translation. The fact of the review will be signed in a personal card in front of the numbers and dates of order transfer.