You will need
  • notification;
  • - additional agreement;
  • order;
  • - record personal card and work book.
Provide written notice to the employee 2 months before the transfer. The exception may be cases where the translation involves special circumstances, such as accident, a Declaration of martial law, emergency situations, etc. In this case, you have the right to temporary transfer, without warning and without the consent of the employee, until the elimination of emergency situations.
In all other cases, the employee must be informed of the notification. Make a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, in which details of all items relating to transfer.
The employee has the right before you get to work in another organization or to new positions to obtain the next unused vacation and only after assuming new responsibilities within the organization or structural division of the enterprise. In this case, the translation is from the day following the end of your vacation.
Issue an order form for T-5. Specify that the employee is given a vacation, for how long after the holidays were translated, the number of the structural unit or the name of a new post, the period of transfer. If the transfer is made permanent, in order to specify that it's permanent, date the beginning of the implementation of the new duties.
Make all changes in the personal card of the form T-2 and work book. Generate full holiday pay and current salaries on the last working day. If the transfer is within the same structural unit, then the wages you can pay on the day of its issuance.
If the employee does not agree to the transfer, he is entitled to resign. In this case, the dismissal occurs on a common basis. You have the right to decide for themselves whether to make the payment of compensation for unused vacation days or leave and enter the leaving date following the last day of vacation.