However, all this does not mean that you should immediately stop using the Internet. You only need to do it right, as far as providing their own security. The main thing that is needed: the need to hide your real IP address and a mailbox. Also follow the basic caution and try not to post in the Internet no personal data: your phone number, address and photos.
Hide your IPaddress while visiting websites in several ways. The easiest and most accessible is the use of anonymous proxy servers (anonymizers), working online services. Proxy server (from the English. Proxy proxy) is a kind of intermediary between your computer and the Internet. Going online, you first connect to the proxy server, and then move on to websites of interest. As a result, the owners of these sites can not get your real IP, and the address of the proxy server.
Currently in the Internet there are many free anonymizer, which will benefit any person. Working with them is very easy because these proxies use the same web interface. You just need to visit the anonymizer page and enter in the box for surfing the address of the website you intend to visit. One of the most famous Russian anonymizers for today is But you can find many more similar services, simply by typing in a search engine query for "anonymous proxy" or "anonymizer".
Anonymizers allow you to freely surf the Internet and view pages, however, many forums and guest often forbid users to leave messages through an anonymous proxy. In this case, you'll need to make some changes in the settings of your browser to hide your IP, but to create the appearance of a normal connection. In the Internet there are whole lists of anonymous proxy servers that users can use for free or for a small fee. In these lists, anonymous proxy IP and port number through which it should connect. You need to find any working proxies, and then change your browser settings so that all Internet connection went through a proxy server. As a proxy, specify your chosen IP and enter the port number.
If you are very confident targeting in your browser's settings, but you need to make your move on the Internet is completely anonymous, you can take advantage of special programs. In particular, one of the most effective is TOR (eng. The Onion Router), which can be downloaded for free at On this website you can read detailed instructions and explanations on work with the program. Installing TOR browser on your computer, you can not only safely navigate the network, completely hiding your IP, but also to create their own websites, leave messages and exchange email. The only drawback of this software is a noticeable decrease in connection speed that may create some inconvenience.