The first thing that attracts attention is a person's appearance. Therefore, in order to "merge with the landscape, it is necessary to exclude everything that "attracts the eye". Bright clothing or accessories, spectacular hairstyles, manicure, cosmetics, jewelry – all this should be forgotten. The ideal option is clothing average quality, subtle colours (grey, dark blue, brown), not flattering. For example, slightly baggy jeans and a soft pullover solid plus neutral shoes. Bright hair color or a stylish haircut, you can hide under a dark knit cap, pulling her lightly on the forehead. This "masquerade costume" is enough to get lost in the crowd – unless of course you're not going to attract attention with his behavior.
Do not make sudden movements, don't make loud noises and make sure that your face does not reflect emotions. Loud laughter, expressive speech, active mimicry, sweeping gestures – all this attracts attention.
As a rule, people pay attention to those who are "open to the world" - and, if you show complete disinterest, you are likely to reciprocate. Demonstrate self-absorbed: a fast gait, head slightly bent, look at his feet. In the room sit in a corner or against the wall, you can dive into a book or PDA.
If you need to communicate with people – be passive. Don't look at the interviewer, not to take the initiative in the conversation. At the same time is emphasized "leave from conversation" is a monotonically assents, tersely settle, shake shoulders. In this case, your behavior will not cause irritation – but the desire to continue the dialogue, too. And it is unlikely your friend will be able to remember you in a day or two.