The desire to hide your real ip is understandable – in many cases people want to remain anonymous, even if it seems to have nothing to fear. The desire to remain anonymous becomes even stronger if online activities are not completely legal and the user really did not want to meet people in uniform. In this case, the only way to avoid trouble is to hide your ip address.
The easiest way to hide ip is the use of anonymizer – online services that provide similar services. Technically it's very simple: type in the search bar of your favorite search engine the word "anonymizer", you will see many links. Select a suitable open the page. Search for the address in the line anonymizer, click the transition. You will be taken to the correct page. In the logs of visited sites will remain your ip, but the ip address of the anonymizer.
Another way to hide your ip is associated with the use of proxy servers. This server becomes the intermediary between your computer and the Internet, resulting in the log files of visited resources remains the proxy address. In the network, you can easily find lists of free proxy servers, the only problem is that these proxies at best "live" a few hours (although there are happy exceptions). Alternatively, you can pay for the use of a proxy server, in this case, you will receive enough quality and reliable service. The proxy address and port number are entered in the browser settings, usually in the tab "Network".
Your ip address you can try to hide with the help of special programs. In a network of a huge number of similar proposals, but most of them are very unreliable. However, there are some programs that are able to provide the user anonymity that is sufficient for the vast majority of cases. One of them is Tor. Install the client part of the application weighs about 5 megabytes, the program does not cause any difficulties. There is a Russian interface.
Another program in this class is JAP. The program is a little more complicated to install and use, when working, the user is offered a choice of two options – free and for money. The paid option provides the best connection speed.

The program SocksChain is a very good option for anonymous surfing the web. Allows to choose the address of the proxy server to specific countries, which is sometimes necessary. But this program has two disadvantages: first of all, it's not free. Secondly, it is from the domestic manufacturer, which means that "competent authorities", if anything, will be much easier to get to you.
You should warn that it is absolutely reliable solution for hide ip address does not exist. Most proxy servers keep logs of connections, so even if you use proxy chaining you will not be able to feel completely protected. There is a reasonable suspicion that a popular service that provide anonymous surfing services, are under the control of the security services. What would be confusing nor was the chain from your computer to a specific Internet address, it, if you want, you can almost always track.
If you need guaranteed anonymity, then go online from a laptop in a city Park (i.e. away from home), using "left" USB modem and same SIM card. Note that even a single use of this modem in your "legal" computer equipment enough to you can be calculated. The same applies to use in the "left" USB modem "legal" SIM. But even using the "left" of the equipment necessary to apply the above precautions, in particular, the use of anonymizers or proxy servers. For demanding cases, use a virtual machine: install virtual PC on the OS and the necessary software, go on the Internet. After work, delete the virtual OS, thus the computer will not remain any traces of your stay online.