Modern browsers include a function of storing the history of visited sites. This is very convenient if you want to return to the read information, but did not save the website to bookmarks. The history of open Internet pages, it is life-saving in case of sudden failure of system operation and unscheduled outages of the web browser. However, if the user wants to hide information about your browsing activity or simply did not consider it necessary to fill the browser cache, it can cancel the save history.
View the history of visited sites in Opera browser you can, if you open the "Menu" and choose the "Settings" tab. This path takes place by using the mouse or shortcut keys "Ctrl+Shift+H". The history is sorted by time or by site, depending on individual user settings. If you want to hide a visit to a specific site, locate it in the list of previously opened pages in the upper right corner there is a search on the web. If you remember the last time I opened this page, search for her address in folders by time. By default, they are sorted by "Today", "Yesterday", "this week" "this month". Open the required folder by clicking it twice with the left mouse button.
Find the site visit to which you want to hide and click the right mouse button. In the opened context menu select the task "Remove" or press "Delete"
You can prevent the browser to save the history of visited sites in the menu "Settings", tab "Advanced". Open the "History" section and uncheck the box with "Remember content on visited pages". Click "Apply" and "OK" to save your action.
In Mozilla Firefox, the browsing history is stored under "History". It can be found in the "Menu" of the web browser. Firefox will sort history by date, so to remove a specific address you need to remember the time of the visit. If this is difficult, remove the entire month of "Journal". Select the time interval or the name of a specific file, select it with the left mouse button. Click on the highlighted area, right-click and from the context menu, set the Delete command. Now about your actions on the Internet will not be able to learn other computer users.