You will need
    • 1 Cup flour
    • 1 Cup warm water
    • 1 tbsp sugar
    • 1 Cup beer
Brewer's yeast is a very valuable product. The high content in brewer's yeast organic iron, amino acids, proteins and microelements leads to widespread use of this substance in a health food. This is an effective means to fill the shortage of vitamins in the body. Brewer's yeast — source of b vitamins, containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin D. All these elements have a positive effect on intestinal function, enhance immunity, reduce cholesterol, improve condition of skin, hair and nails. Already because of this one can cook brewer's yeast at home, but they can be used to bake tasty pies and buns, wonderful treats for friends and family. And optionally and independently acquire beer.
Take enameled saucepan or bowl, pour in a Cup of warm boiled water. Water should not be hot, but room temperature is not enough, bring her to a state of comfortable warm. Stir in water Cup of wheat flour. Stir to avoid lumps. You can use a fork, a culinary whisk or even a blender. Now put the saucepan in a warm place. Close it with a lid. Thus the hostess stand for the sourdough to yeast dough. You can't heat a pot on the stove — the heat should be uniform, but not strong. May fit the classic a place near radiators. But make sure that there was cold air coming from the window. Stand the pan with the flour and water needs 5-6 hours.
After this time, add to the pan with a solution of flour 1 tablespoon of sugar and a glass of beer. Better if it's unpasteurized beer. Again stir the mixture and put in the heat.
When brewer's yeast is ready, pour them in a glass container. Store home brewer's yeast is necessary in the refrigerator.