Advice 1: How to grow yeast

In stores today you can find a large assortment of dry yeast fast action. They are easy to if you want something quick to bake dough. But some gourmets prefer to make the yeast yourself.
How to grow yeast
You will need
    • malt;
    • sugar;
    • water;
    • berries;
    • bread;
    • bottled beer.
Decide what you need the yeast. For example, for beer, and pastry are used to different cultures, and rules of cultivation are different from each other.
To receive bread yeast take the berries, in which they are contained, for example, grapes or plums. Mash them into a puree and add water and sugar in the ratio 3:1:1. Leave the mixture in a warm place for a week. After removing the foam you can dry the mixture and use in breadmaking. Instead of berries you can also take bread, but in this case you will not be able to get a wild yeast culture.
For the cultivation of brewer's yeast find suitable source material. It could be beer intended for ripening in the bottle. It is usually found in German, English or Belgian producers. Of course, beer should not be pasteurised.
Add in a small amount of the selected beverage wort to stimulate growth of the suitable type of yeast. It is made from a milled malt (sprouted barley),cooked with the addition of water and subsequently filtered. The wort in the first stage will need only a few milliliters. Put the bottle in a warm place and wait until the fermentation process begins. You can then add more wort. The result is the cultivation of the yeast should increase in volume at least ten times. You can then use the resulting culture to make beer.
In the preparation of the yeast clean, thoroughly wash all utensils, if necessary even handle her alcohol. This is to ensure that your culture developed is the yeast and not other, extraneous microorganisms.
Useful advice
Home cultivation of yeast is a long and often costly process that for the first time is a good chance that you will not succeed. So think as rationally tasty and healthy dishes can be cooked with manufactured yeast.

Advice 2: All about yeast

Yeast are a kind of fungi of small size, which are characterized by their originality and uniqueness. In their composition there are many cells, but they are considered separate and independent units, providing the desired exchange processes.
All about yeast

In fact, all fungi, consisting of a single cell, have many differences from the ordinary mushroom. This is because in the process of evolution they have undergone significant changes. Reproduction of yeast is carried out with maximum speed, but their main habitat is a warm place, and here should be water and a large number of organic substances. For example, if at least for a couple of days to leave a solution of sugar, then soon you can feel the smell of alcohol. This releases the waste product of yeast.

Modern people are actively using this product in cooking, especially for making bread and wine. All yeast differ in their chemical composition, whereby they are divided into separate groups.

1. First of all you need to celebrate Baker's yeast, which is considered the most simple in its application. Simply pour into prepared base and you can knead the dough. To purchase this yeast easily in any store where they are Packed in small packs. This type is characterized by a rather long shelf life.

2. Pressed yeast are different from baking, because their components are totally different. Before using this product, you should prepare a warm water where it will be stirred.

3. The yeast is fast dissolving ready to use after 10 minutes after mixing with warm water.

4. A radically different view is called brewer's yeast, as they have their own unique qualities. This manages to get a delicious beer with a special taste. They usually have a liquid consistency and therefore do not require additional dissolution.

Any kind of yeast is characterized by the presence of a large number of trace elements and vitamins. For example, iron, vitamin b, proteins. Each of these components directly involved in the exchange process. In addition, yeast contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium and copper. When used regularly could increase physical activity and to raise the tone and improve overall health. Thanks to all of the qualities of yeast is used not only in cooking but also in the process of creating medicinal preparations and biologically active additives.

Advice 3: How to grow hair in a week

Long and well-groomed hair are the adornment of women. In an average month they grow at 2-3 cm, but not more. Accordingly, do not expect visible results in a week, even if you apply a different mask. If you need gorgeous locks, it offers a capacity, which is carried out in beauty salons. Well, patient ladies will help to accelerate treatments.
How to grow hair in a week
You will need
  • - shampoo;
  • vitamin supplements;
  • - burdock oil;
  • mustard powder or red pepper.
The hair begins to grow intensively when the body receives the right amount of micronutrients. Buy a vitamin complex that is enriched with calcium, zinc, phosphorus and fluorine. Also take a fish oil Supplement, which can now be found in capsules, it has an unpleasant taste, and the smell is completely absent. If you have health problems, before using supplements consult your doctor.
Buy in the drugstore shampoo which activates the hair growth. Usually it contains in its composition of brewer's yeast and vitamin supplements, on the label there is a corresponding label "Activator of hair growth, or "Accelerates hair growth . Regularly use it to cleanse the head, and to reinforce the action, and apply healing balm.
Burdock oil will not only help to accelerate the regrowth of hair, but also improve them. Slightly pre-heat 60 ml of oil, apply on unwashed hair, wrap your head with foil and a towel and leave for 60 minutes or longer. Rinse the head several times. Make the mask a few times a week. You can use olive oil, but is it necessary to add any vitamins, fat-based.
Do a mustard mask. Take a tablespoon of powder and mix it with shampoo, olive or burdock oil, sour cream or yoghurt (about 50 ml). Apply on the hair roots for 30 minutes. Instead of mustard you can use red pepper (1 tsp per 50 ml of cream).
Massage of the scalp improves blood flow, which speeds up hair growth. Daily brush the curls for 10 minutes with a wooden hairbrush. Also odergivala hair, taking them between his fingers. Gradually you will notice good results.
Useful advice
4-5 times a month visit a beauty salon to trim the ends of the hair. Otherwise the hair will look messy.
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