For making wine yeast at home you will need a small ripe grapes (suitable also raspberry, honeysuckle, white currants, strawberries and gooseberries), sugar and water.

How to cook

To prepare sourdough to collect ripe berries need ten days to prepare the wine. In order not to flush the yeast from the surface, the berries need to be washed. Two cups mashed ripe berries will need a glass of water and half Cup sugar. The water should be poured in a glass bottle. In a container put berries and sugar, mix well. After that close the bottle with a cotton stopper and left at room temperature for 3-4 days. During this time, the juice will ferment. Will only have to strain it through a sieve, separating from the pulp.
Beer and bread yeast should not be used for making wine. If you make wine yeast is not possible, you can propagate the organisms on the flour, barley, bran.

Wine yeast from raisins and figs

It happens that the wine must be manufactured in conditions, when the season of fruit has passed or not yet started. Then wine yeast to make raisins or figs. Raisins should be of high quality, bluish-purple, with tails. Good raisins if to throw it, when falling on the table makes the sound of falling pebbles. Bad raisins yeast doesn't work, moldy.
To make wine yeast, 400 ml of slightly warmed sugar syrup should be lowered a handful of raisins or figs. Then, in the same way as in the previous recipe, cover the bottle stopper, breathable (you can use a large piece of cloth or a piece of cotton wool wrapped in gauze or cloth), and leave the future of the wine ferment in a warm place for 3-4 days. The contents need to be shaken during the day to ensure that the raisins are not moldy. As soon as the fermentation process, the liquid to pump and to use for cooking wine. In addition, in some cases, the figs and raisin wine makers also lowered into the wort as a whole.

Storage and use of wine yeast

Yeast, home-made, capable of withstanding the fault of the accumulation of alcohol to 19 degrees. Esters secreted by yeast in the fermentation process, have a peculiar smell, which gives the wine a noble aroma.

Store wine yeast can be no more than 10 days. To prepare the dessert wine will be enough 300 g of yeast for 10 gallons of wort. For dry less wine yeast — 200 g.
In order to make wine, you can open a wine yeast, for example, Zemasil. The final degree of fermentation of yeast is high. The product has a high spirtosodergashchey.

The wine will turn out much tastier if the fermentation period is to stretch for a couple of weeks. The room must be maintained in a stable temperature. The room must be frequently ventilated. In General, the production of wine takes about two months.