You will need
  • - pan;
  • pan;
  • barrel;
  • - malt;
  • - hops;
  • - sugar.
Buy a home brewery. It's easy to do if you live in a major city. But even in the remote areas can order such equipment on one of the Internet sites. There you will be able to order and dry ingredients to make beer. Home brewery provides full automation of the cooking process. The price of the unit excluding delivery depending on the complexity of features ranging from five to twelve thousand rubles. On Internet sites such purchases are usually cheaper than in traditional store.
If you do not want to buy something ready-to-use materials. For a complete home brewery equipment prepare the pan for roasting. It can be supplemented with a blender or coffee mill to grind the roasted beans to the wort from which to prepare the beverage. .
Take the container in which the mixture for beer is brewed. For this fit a large pot for five or more liters. It is desirable that at your disposal was a small wooden barrel for better exposure of the resulting beverage. Equip her with the crane. In this case, you do not need to pour the resulting drink into a special bottle. It can be stored in the best conditions.
Buy products from which you cook the homemade beer. You can order ready-made dry mix from the store, but much more fun to make it yourself. First of all, you need malt, which is a minced roasted seeds. You can make it yourself or buy in the store. Also useful yeast, sugar, hops and various flavors such as honey. All of this is done liquid, the wort, which, if desired, and cold can be stored sufficiently long.