Advice 1: How to brew beer at home

The first recipes for beer were known to the ancient Sumerians in the III century BC the Ancient Egyptians brought this process to perfection. In Europe , the beer caught on first in Germany. And almost revolutionary for the brewing discovery was made by Slavic peoples, proposing instead herbs and spices that give the beer its particular bitterness, use hops. Today this frothy alcoholic drink you can prepare at home.
The recipe for beer is barley, hops, yeast
You will need
    • concentrate wort
    • yeast
    • 15 liters of water
    • 1 kg of sugar
    • 15-liter pot or bucket
    • water seal
    • hydrometer
    • Safonova tube
    • 10 empty 1.5-liter plastic bottles
Boil 3 liters of water. Pour it into a large bucket or pan. There - the beer wort concentrate and sugar. Mix. Add 12 l of water at room temperature. The resulting solution should have a temperature of 20-25 degrees.
Yeast pour evenly over the entire surface of the beer wort. Mix well. Tightly close the container lid. On it - the water trap, to a peak filled with boiled water. Leave the container at room temperature 20-25 degrees. The fermentation process will take 3-7 days. When carbon dioxide bubbles stop appearing in gidronavtov, the fermentation process can be considered completed.
To each prepared 1.5-litre bottle to pour for 7 grams of sugar. Pour beer bottles, up to 5 cm to the top. Screw to lock cover. Shake the bottle so that there is added the sugar is dissolved.
A week keep beer bottles at room temperature. Then, in a cool place (5-7 degrees).
This unfiltered beer can be stored for at least 6 months. During the flood it by the glass bottle is better not to shake that the bottom sediment has not risen.
Special beer concentrate from a sachet of yeast) you can buy in the store. This concentrate is brewed and dehydrated wort.

To understand when the fermentation process is completed, you can use the hydrometer.

Transfusion fermented wort to bottles, use a siphon tube.
Useful advice
All containers that will be used for the manufacture of beer, pre-wash special means and rinse with cold water.

To make beer you need water only excellent quality. For sure, you can boil the water, let it cool down and then use. Plus water must be full of oxygen. To raise his level several times fully overflow water from one tank to another.

Advice 2 : How to use beer in the household

Beer is not only delicious beer, but also a substance that can be used in the household and cosmetics. Here are some interesting ways unusual use of beer.
How to use beer in the household

Polishing of the furniture with beer. Mix equal parts of beer and sunflower oil. A soft cloth to wipe the furniture, pre-wet it with the solution. You can also Polish the furniture with one beer, no butter, but the effectiveness of this procedure will be reduced significantly.

Cleaning of gold jewelry.Some gold jewelry over time, darken, however, this problem is easily fixed with a regular beer. You need to dip blackened gold jewellery in a container of beer, and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth. By the way, beer also easily cleans jewelry, metal and wood products. If pollution and a dark patina ingrained in the thing, then instead of cloth, use an old toothbrush.

Lightening hair. Often happens so that after dyeing hair, the color turned out slightly darker than intended. This trouble is easy to fix, if you soak the hair in beer and allow them to dry naturally. Once the hair dries, they should be well washed under running water. After this procedure your hair will be one or two shades lighter, and will look shiny and healthy.

The shampoo out of beer. You can make your own natural shampoo out of beer, which will make the hair healthy and shiny with regular use. In the beer contains a protein that strengthens the hair. To prepare the shampoo out of beer, you must bring it to the boil, needs to evaporate half the liquid, then mix the resulting broth with the shampoo in the proportions: three parts of the beer broth to one part shampoo.

Hair conditioner with beer. To use beer as a hair conditioner, rinse the hair the supernatant (without gas) beer, once the head is well washed with an ordinary shampoo. Beer is applied to wet hair for two to three minutes, then rinse under running water. Regular use beer as a conditioner for the hair and promotes its growth and improvement.

Beer as fertilizer for plants.Brewer's yeast contained in the beer, making plants grow, so can be safely poured the remains of this alcoholic beverage in flower pots.

The marinade of the beer. Beer softens the meat and makes it juicy, tasty and fragrant. The meat in the beer need to be marinated at least two hours.

Foot bath of beer. Brewer's yeast is good the skin. Foot bath from the beer will help to relieve heaviness in the legs and softening problem areas of the skin. After such Spa treatments need to take a shower.

Ice cream made from beer.For fans of exotic it is possible to prepare a refreshing ice cream from the beer. You need to pour a tray of ice cubes a bit of beer and put it in the freezer. For convenience, in case of incomplete freezing, you can insert ice cubes toothpicks.

Beer as a means to fight garden pests. Snails and slugs constantly annoy vacationers, however, if put in places where pests a container of beer, they instead of plantations will gather here in this makeshift bar.

Cleaning the knife with beer. After cleaning fish knife unpleasant smells. With an unpleasant odor help to cope beer. You must wipe the knife with a cotton swab moistened with beer and a peculiar odor will disappear.

Mitigation of shoes. Beer is an effective emollient, so it helps to carry the shoes of genuine leather and suede. Beer to moisten the problem areas on the shoes and soon she will no longer cause discomfort during wear.

Strengthening of nails with beer. You need to mix a glass of warm beer and a glass of Apple juice. Then place the hands in this solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash with warm water and oil cream. This procedure helps to strengthen the nail plate and make the skin soft. It is recommended to do such baths once or twice a week and the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Beer stain removal from clothing. This beer is good with spots of coffee or tea. To remove the stain, you need to pour him some beer and wait until it is well absorbed, then RUB the stain and rinse with beer in tap water.

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