You will need
    • concentrate wort
    • yeast
    • 15 liters of water
    • 1 kg of sugar
    • 15-liter pot or bucket
    • water seal
    • hydrometer
    • Safonova tube
    • 10 empty 1.5-liter plastic bottles
Boil 3 liters of water. Pour it into a large bucket or pan. There - the beer wort concentrate and sugar. Mix. Add 12 l of water at room temperature. The resulting solution should have a temperature of 20-25 degrees.
Yeast pour evenly over the entire surface of the beer wort. Mix well. Tightly close the container lid. On it - the water trap, to a peak filled with boiled water. Leave the container at room temperature 20-25 degrees. The fermentation process will take 3-7 days. When carbon dioxide bubbles stop appearing in gidronavtov, the fermentation process can be considered completed.
To each prepared 1.5-litre bottle to pour for 7 grams of sugar. Pour beer bottles, up to 5 cm to the top. Screw to lock cover. Shake the bottle so that there is added the sugar is dissolved.
A week keep beer bottles at room temperature. Then, in a cool place (5-7 degrees).
This unfiltered beer can be stored for at least 6 months. During the flood it by the glass bottle is better not to shake that the bottom sediment has not risen.