There are three types of yeast: active dry and quick-acting yeast, also known as instantons, and also known to many Housewives of fresh pressed yeast. All these products are interchangeable.
Instant dry yeast does not require pre-activation, so are added directly to the dough. This product is available in the form of granules, shaped like small cylinders.
Active dry yeast sold in the form of peas. Require pre-activation. As well as the extruded product.
And the greatest confidence was rewarded with fresh yeast in blocks. In contrast to the dry counterparts, they can deteriorate, so you should choose them more carefully.
Quality pressed yeast are distinguished by plasticity. In consistency they are not sticky, viscous. Fresh yeast needs a good crumble as home fat cottage cheese. If reallywas, yeast creak, so they are high quality.
Fresh yeast has a light gray color. And the presence of yellowish-brown hue says about their age. In addition, the low quality of the yeast is evidenced by the chapped corners of the briquette, and also the unpleasant smell of sour yeast. However, during aging the yeast can acquire sweet aroma. In any case, it is reminiscent of sour dough.
To substitute dry yeast for fresh, you need to know one formula. When replacing instant yeast, pressed, multiply their number by 2.5. That is, yeast in an amount of 10 g are replaced by fresh in the amount of 25 g. the Ratio of active dry yeast with fresh slightly different – 1:3. Then, 10 g of dry product can replace 30 g of pressed.
Also, what dry yeast you used before. As each manufacturer produces a different product concentration, and equivalent ratio of instant yeast with fresh may be different.
For example, a popular dry product Dr.Oetker is available in sachets of 7 g. One sachet is designed for 0.5 kg of flour. Replace it in the recipe 25 grams of fresh yeast.
Traditional packaging of instant dry yeast "SAF-Moment" - 11 This package is designed for 1 kg of flour. An alternative to this product can become compressed yeast in the quantity of 60 And one packet of yeast Pakmaya weighing 10 g equivalent to 50 g of fresh product.
To substitute dry yeast for fresh, you need to know not only the dosage but also the method of their activation. Fast-acting product is simply poured into the batter. Extruded – first mash with a fork, sprinkle with sugar and pour milk or water for half an hour. The liquid should not be hot 30 ° C, otherwise the yeast will lose its properties.