The correct dilution is to use only fresh yeast for this purpose. Their shelf life is about 6 weeks in the event that the temperature does not rise above 10 degrees. Fresh yeast color uniform, creamy, with pressure, they crumble and break, and not smeared. Without air the yeast deteriorates very quickly, so do not store them in sealed containers. Before using yeast is well crushed, and then diluted with warm water until obtain a homogeneous mass. With the temperature of the water should be careful when breeding, too high will cause the death of yeast and they will not fit. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
Fresh yeast can be assessed by some external signs. The smell should be slightly sour, the taste is fresh and pleasant. If the flavor is sharp sour taste, it means a stale product. A musty smell indicates incipient putrefaction, vinegar taste - it indicates the contamination of acetic acid bacteria. Almost always have stale yeast, the outer layer of a few millimeters is much lighter than the inner part, it is evidence of drying. But white patches on the surface may be caused by mold, which is much more dangerous because its spores penetrate the entire depth of the briquette. To establish the exact cause white patches by yourself is impossible, and therefore often need to be prepared that such a yeast will be worse to come. Value of the yeast damage to the mold does not decrease.
To use the yeast that smeared at the touch of a fingers, does not follow, as it speaks to a serious contamination of various infections. Impurities moulds also make yeast soft and pliable. Fresh yeast for making the dough is mixed in a liquid nutrient medium with the addition of flour and other various additives, and leave it for 30-90 minutes for curing. At this time, the yeast does not multiply, but only out of the stage of suspended animation and come alive. Then, when the yeast cells will get used to the new environment, they begin to ferment. The main indicator of the quality of yeast is their lifting force, which is without activating them is very difficult.
A quick check of the quality of both fresh and dry yeast as follows: a small piece of ground in a tea Cup and add warm water. The mixture is left for 10-15 minutes. If during this time the yeast did not appear foam, in bread making their use impossible.