To maintain eye contact it's not how much you look the person in the eye, and how you do it. People usually pay attention to the expression of your eyes. It is a supportive or oppressive, peaceful or nervous. To learn how to look into the eyes of another person, you must know some features.
During the conversation do not see the interlocutor on the nose, from this you lose to see his face, the look seems to be pushing it. Man Blendable, can be closed to further contact.
It is also presumptuous to consider, as they say, to stare at others. You show a basic lack of manners.
Look at the interviewer broad, slightly defocused gaze, moving to peripheral perception. Your opinion does not allocate a specific point, and a bit smeared around the face, and you clearly catch the slightest movement of his muscles.
The hard part is, of course, to look in eyes to the person and at the same time to think about what you say. During the conversation look at the person not appraising look, but maintaining it. To do this, mentally take the interlocutor's shoulder — this will give you a sense of control over the situation.
To make your look more warm, imagine that you during a conversation, to stroke the person's hand. So you calm yourself and collect your thoughts. For a more direct and close communication, inspired with feelings of the interlocutor. Try how to try on the look in his eyes, lip movements, body position. Install with it a spiritual contact then you will not take the eye when speaking.
When dealing look in the eyes of the interlocutor is not more than 5 seconds, then slowly look to the side and time again through the look in his eyes. Such communication should look to pass throughout the conversation. You will keep the situation under control, you will notice how certain statements influence the interlocutor will be able to change the tactics of negotiation.
If you feel that a person is not comfortable under your eye, take the eye for a while, look at the hands of a human breast. When they calm down, may try again to establish contact eyesmi. And after a while you will feel oneness with him, and the conversation will continue in a calm friendly way.