When a person is lying, the eyes often give it. You can learn to control movement, you can learn how to come up with a plausible lie. But to control the movement of the eye is very difficult. At the time lie person feels uncomfortable so he looks away from the eyes. In thelookse what is the opinion of the interlocutor, if he does not look you in the eye - this is the first sign of a lie.
People who know this feature, sometimes do the opposite effect. That is, looking someone in the eye. And the second sign of a lie – a direct, unblinking gaze directly into the eyes. As a rule, people at this moment trying to whitewash themselves, so their opinion is too honest.
Because of the bad situation of the eye lying about a person changing. And it control impossible. The pupil decreases abruptly. View your contacts in the eye. If the pupil is narrowed, the probability that he is lying.
When a person is lying, the blood rushes a little harder to face. Around the eyes appear microscopic red spots. Sometimes it is possible to notice with the naked eye. Closely look at the skin around the eyes of the opponent. If you see small spots appeared, it is likely that people tell the truth.
Let's see which way the man looked when he spoke. If he looks to the right, he's lying. If a person looks to the right and up, they at this moment come up with image, the picture. If he look to the right and right, it scrolls in my head the sounds, picks up the phrase. If he looks to the right and down, then he finished to think about the situation and is ready to tell it.
Apply these rules if you are sure that person is right-handed. If he is left-handed, he will look to the left when telling the truth. Keep this in mind when you declassify person.
Sometimes lies can be determined another way. Watch the eyes of your opponent. If his eyes began to move quickly from one subject to another, it can also be suspected of lying.