Shooting eyes is a technique of flirting. The man went first, you need to attract his attention, to interest. It should look natural and relaxed. Otherwise, the man will give the impression that you have a nervous TIC or eye fatigue.

The look is not only eye

Girl look can tell you a lot. It can be playful, languid, arrogant, cold, etc.

For a successful flirting is important not only eyes, but also their framing: eyebrow, nose. For example, a raised eyebrow does look intriguing. Frown transmit the signal that a woman is not in the mood. Wrinkled nose, even in combination with a broad smile expresses rejection. And swollen wings of the nose say about aggression or initiation of women.

Men cannot stand arrogance, so your look needs to be warm, to be an invitation to flirt.

Shooting technique the eyes

The basic rule in the flirting eyes that you cannot look at the man in focus for a long time. A man should be intrigued, you look at him or not. To test this, it is necessary to periodically keep an eye on you. And this is the first step on the road to meet you.

With an oblique glance, you need to look to the side, but leaving the man in sight. When you notice that people pay attention to you for a few seconds keep an eye on it.

An old trick of shooting eyes glance to the side – nose – side – man. View to the side, his eyes downcast. Count to three. Then stop look at the tip of his nose and again lower your eyes for three seconds. Now take a sharp look at the man in the eye and just as quickly take them.

Languid eyes half-closed eyes leaves no doubt that a woman is interested in a man and would not mind getting to know better. This is the most difficult technique, because not all can do it beautifully and naturally.

Playing eyes with the man, the head and neck should remain fixed. Also, do not to blink and eyelash batting. While you linger eyes on the object, it is possible to gently run his hand through his hair, fixing her hair.

If a man will pay attention to you and looking at the answer, smile at him. It should be a sweet modest smile, laughing from ear to ear alienate people.

In any case the importance of practice. Before heading out to conquer the hearts of men, to work out at home in front of the mirror.