Straighten the dent on the car with your finger, if you do not hurt the ribs and the recess is small. For these holes, you can try another way: make sure that the paint is not even microcracks. Only then heat the damaged area with a conventional dryer for drying the hair for 30-60 seconds and then cool the compressed carbon dioxide for 10 seconds. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
Go to car service, if you have dents from snow, hail or falling branches and the paintwork is not damaged. This PDR is a technology that consists in the use of heating, cooling and special suction cups. The repair will be inexpensive. It will take more than an hour for minor injuries, and removal of large dents on the car will take one hour.
Please contact the car service if you have damaged the door or the dent in the car deep enough. In this case, the car will have to leave the repair for a few days. Without removing paint, priming and painting the corrected part here is not enough.
Choose proven services to remove dents on car PDR-method or with the removal of paint. Only skilled craftsmen can make repairs efficiently, and your car will become original appearance. Unskilled employees of the station can harm the car and you will have to spend money to re-repair the dents.
Beware straighten dents on the car yourself, if you don't have basic views about the location of the ribs of the car. Otherwise, instead of one minor pits to get a serious dent on the car, the repair of which will cost significantly more.
Do not work without special tools. Often the work at home computer holes on the car can cause irreversible consequences that cannot be corrected.