You will need
  • Two hammer - rubber and conventional, wooden block 10 by 20, and clean rags.
If the damage very slightly, then remove the dent using the hair dryer and can of compressed air. To start, heat the damaged area with a Hairdryer.
Then squeeze the gas from the container. This method is suitable for door dings and the hood, but only for small damage.
We now turn to serious damage. Disassemble the door trim, if necessary, remove the door.
Tap on the dent from the inside: gently and carefully. If does not help, wrap the bar in a rag and do the same lightly. Achieve leveling of the metal surface.
Polish the surface after repairs, if necessary, repeat the alignment. Buff again.
Aim the bar in the center of the dent and hit it with a hammer. Align the surface, alternately using block and rubber mallet. Don't be lazy – Polish and check the degree of concavity of the metal.
Straight as much as possible, plaster the surface, zashpaklyuyte and apply a coat of primer. Now you can start painting.