You will need
  • Construction Hairdryer
  • - Electric kettle
  • - garage or Boxing with a temperature of 20-30 0 C
  • - small magnet
  • - thermometer
First collect some information about the material from which made your bumper. If there are "contraindications" to the heating – refer to specialists. But, typically, these bumper put on the car-class (Lamborghini, Chrysler, Ferarri, etc.).
Disassemble the bumper with the car. Then proceed to heat the bumper. Take a heat gun and slightly warm iron.
Then heat water in the kettle to a temperature of 35-40 0 C and carefully start to pour the bumper. Want to water the area within a radius of 15-20 cm from the indentation. Next, bring the water to a temperature of 45-500 0 and repeat the procedure.
Start to bend your bumper to its former state, not allowing the water to dry. To do this, bring a magnet close to the damaged surface (even if the bumper is plastic, it will straighten up because the paint contains a large number of metals). Move the magnet from side to side.
Gently ease the dent by hand and squeeze it. But do not use excessive force, so as not to damage the bumper cover. Hold the hand as soon as the bumper straightened, standing a minute or two to support it.
Heat water to 30-35 0 C and pour the bumper again. Repeat this procedure several times, lowering the temperature of the water at every watering 5 degrees until you reach the milestone at 15 0C. After the last watering place the bumper in a cool, dry place and leave it to dry. Need that he lay so for at least two days. Then install the bumper on its place.