Type in any Internet search engine the phrase 'the Fate of man and the moles', 'Professional fortune-teller, fate' or 'Palmistry'; or go to the nearest bookstore and read the backs of books standing on the shelves 'Astrology, magic, fortune-telling' - you will see that ways to learn the destined events abound. Try to delve into each of the available options - the more methods you will experience, the more precise the result will get better and will develop a shared picture of the future.
With the help of palmistry (or, scientifically, dermatoglyphics) you will learn the destiny, exploring the intricate lines (folds of skin) on the palms. All the six lines: life, head, heart, liver, fate and sun. Learning to 'read' their intersection, you will reveal in your future.
To determine the fate of you and the moles. On the body of any person has at least a few of these spots throughout life they change, appear and disappear. By their location on the body and form you will learn about his fate. You will need only a guide-book to know about moles and more.
Date of birth also plays in predicting the fate of a certain role, albeit small. Try to use this and other minor, but the complete picture (or, often clarifying) methods: mystery of its own name, memorable or significant past actions (karma), fingerprints, and some others.
Refer to the tarragon. Prediction by Tarot cards are among the most accurate. By this method it is possible to know the answers to almost all questions in life. It is a large system developed over the years. To learn the method alone is very difficult. But to find a personwho is familiar with the Tarot can be in almost any city.
To trust the fate of the fortune-tellers - their knowledge is not confined to one book purchased in a store or a couple of articles read on the Internet. Use the services of a predictor in that case, if you yourself can't understand the meaning of the lines on the hand, the previously held events in your life or the location of the moles on your body. The assistance of such an expert is not free, however you will get a more detailed result from a professional, rather than try to understand the definition of fate themselves.