"Checkout". We rarely build their future. Often I hope for a happy chance, the instantaneous change of reality. To jumping and the kings. And then a happy bride to turn into sour wives who don't understand how this rough and untidy creature seemed to be the best man in the world. That's why people are rational warehouse psychologists suggest details to speak the type of person that they need. Athletic, breadwinner, quiet family-oriented or macho - what quality will be the main?
"Use common sense". All the girls, brought up on tales about the beautiful princes, sooner or later meet with the need to share expectations in half. And the boys suddenly realize that their Princess is a human being, not a wonderful hybrid of mother and passionate hetaerae. To find your destiny, you have to learn yourself.
"Grasp the atmosphere". Fate, unlike the hormone of love, quiet voice. And all great marriages, "marriages of destiny" distinguished by a special atmosphere of mutual respect and comfort. Under the destiny, we often mean the person with whom we can create your special universe. And it often happens that this universe is built on mutual calculation. The basis of such a marriage may lie business interests, a common hobby, a dream. So, to meet his destiny in those areas of life that interest you.
"Hold the energy". Many lonely or unsure of his chosen people go to fortune-tellers and clairvoyants. Session at the sage brings a sense of calm and optimism. But the witch saying that there are people who are simply forbidden divination. Too much energy wasted to look to the future. So, loosen the strings between the opportunity and its real embodiment. Psychologists say that the way the man shifts the responsibility from themselves to the fortune-teller. We should think, why to give part of his destiny to others. Because you can hold it in their hands.
"Believe in better". There is a saying: "the Fate on the stove and you shall find." While everyone thinks that fate is an opportunity to move into a happy and eternal condition. Like eternal youth. In fact, destiny is the flow of opportunities, mistakes, disappointments and new experiences. Sometimes we are moving in that flow with a sense of some invisible support. Sometimes flounder in the eddies. But that would be with us whatever happens, happens to us fate. And it depends on us, how much happiness will bring us good people, and if we can evade the intrigues of the villain (and they, too, are "the fate"). But we should always believe the best and know that any change is good. And even lines of fate on the palms fickle.