Do not guess on any hand. First decide which hand you want to guess left or right. Keep in mind that between the left and right there is a significant difference. Some palmists believe that the fate of the women read left hand, and the fate of the men on the right. There is also a fairly widespread belief that the left hand is written in this to God, and on the right is created by man in the course of his life. The left will show the qualities that man has inherited from his ancestors, and the right will give an idea about how people ordered their talents how to develop talents and abilities. The most traditional approach is that divination should be performed by handedness (i.e., guessing at the right hand if you are right handed and left if you are left handed).
At the initial stage, do a General inspection. Much you can tell the type of man hands. To do this, take your dominant hand. Inspect, the skin on the hand, palpate her. If the skin is thick, rough, mean, the owner of the hand straight character, and if the hand skin is transparent and cold, you are dealing with a sensitive nature. Information about the different qualities will help you to predict his fate.
Pay attention to the shape of the palm and fingers. The owner of the flat square hand – practical video personality. If you notice that the arm is extended, the person is often insecure and impressionable. Short fingers indicate the surface and vigor, and long point to the thoroughness and persistence. The fingers of medium length is not isolated in a person of certain qualities of character. Look at your hand, palm and fingers. Note the flexibility of the palm, length and thickness of fingers, the shape of the hand. Map data about themselves, obtained with the help of palmistry, with your idea of yourself. They are likely to be the same.
Locate the major lines on a hand (or a working human hand, the hand where you are wondering). Start reading lines in a specific order. The main bit lines. This line of heart, line of head or the mind, life line, line of fate. Also particularly noteworthy are the mounds on the palm of your hand. Heart line and mind line have common information about the person, his emotional background and degree of development of intelligence. To learn the fate of will help you the two remaining main lines of fate and life. Gaps in lines may indicate a sudden change in life, change the world, the obstacles in life, severe diseases. If the difference is duplicate line, it indicates that the person protect against the vicissitudes of fate, unexpected shocks and severe illnesses.
Now proceed with the examination of the lines of fate. It tells about the destiny of man and is able to reveal the entire meaning of his life. Each line of fate unique. Not every person line of fate is present on the palm. Palmistry explains the missing line is the fact that it all ready to find meaning in life, some do not understand what they live for. People with childhood clearly aware of why they live and what they want from life, have a smooth and straight line of fate. If the person on the middle path of life suddenly found myself and realized his hands at the line of fate, there is a clear beginning, which was not there before.