You will need
  • computer;
  • camera;
  • - From the camera;
  • cables.
Connect the camera observations to the computerusing provided by the manufacturer method, that is, using the cable supplied. Some video systems connect through a normal network LAN cable and switch. The connection method depends on what you camera. If you have not bought this device, before buying ask the consultant to tell you about what connection method is most appropriate.
The operating system will detect new device and ask to install the driver. Do this by inserting the disc from the camera to the drive. Double click on the installation file to start the drivers are loaded in the computer memory. After installation on the desktop will appear a shortcut to the program from the camera surveillance. Launch the program by double-clicking on the shortcut. Make the required settings in the service section of the program.
The program will ask to specify the folder where to save the video system surveillance. Do this after checking that the media has sufficient free space. Try to use a separate local disk on the computer, as this kind of information is important. In case of various system failures or viruses can encrypt this disk.
You can organize a system of monitoring over own your own home, using your home computer and camera surveillanceconnected to it. Actually it's not that hard, but will protect your home from invading humans with selfish intentions. It is also worth noting that the camera can be hacked through the Internet, so use the licensed software in order to fully protect the system.