Camcorder MiniDV and HDV format, used as the carrier film are connected using a DV cable. It comes complete with video camera.
To connect the camera to the computer take the DV cable and connect one end to the connector labeled DV out on the camcorder. The other end will plug to the IEEE1394 connector of the computer. This connection is also called FireWire or i.Link. Then press the power button on the camcorder. The computer will detect a new device. It should be noted that not all computers have this port by default. If you do not, you must purchase a PCI card with IEEE1394 and connected to the motherboard of the PC.
Also the camcorder can be connected to the computer using the usb cord that came in the kit. To do this, take the cord and one end connect to the usb connector of the camcorder, the other end to the respective connector on the system unit of the computer. Then press the camera button and wait until it will be detected by the system. For cameras as storage media using hard disk or memory card, it is the main connection method.
Some models require special drivers. As a rule, they are supplied and are included on the CD-ROM. To install insert the disc into your computer drive and wait for it to load. After that, select "Install driver". If required, specify the model camera and what operating system is used. After installing the drivers restart the computer.
If driver was not included, but the system requires their installation, download them from official website manufacturer. To do this, start a web browser, go to select the desired model and download the drivers. Install them, then restart the computer.