Hidden camera at home – an essential option, if the owners doubt the honesty of the housekeeper or nanny, I want to observe the behavior of the children in the absence of adults, and even "caught" red-handed cheating spouse or spouse. And if in the office premises and the company to install hidden camera to help professionals, at home we're on our own. Modern cameras for covert surveillance are of such small size that they can be hidden almost anywhere.
If you need to organize a hidden video surveillance in the bedroom, then the best option for this is bedside table and items on it. To hide the device as possible for things, and in themselves.
Good idea to place video surveillance at the top of the room in an attic or the eaves. In this case, the camera should be fairly invisible, but the benefit is undeniable: the top angle is much better, thanks to what the video shows all that is happening in the room.
A TV and a computer are indispensable attributes of many bedrooms, so a miniature camera hidden video surveillance easily mount these devices. Convenient built-in speakers video camera connected to a personal computer.
Great "play spies" is an ordinary bookshelf. The camcorder you can attach both on the same shelf, and hide it in a book. The last option, of course, much more advantageous.
In the ladies ' bedroom or nursery a reliable "shelter" for a hidden camera will be soft toys or model cars, if we are talking about the room of the boy. It is better to choose those who not often take in hand, otherwise, surveillance can detect, and the device is damage.
A very popular shelter for camcorders – large mirror. Typically, buying a two-way mirror on the reverse side of which establish covert surveillance. However, there are two-way mirrors, which is already equipped with a hidden camera.
If the room has light bulbs that are rarely lit, you can try "news report". The main thing is to be sure that the light bulb no one will include and not trying to twist to replace with a new one.
Flowers – the perfect store for hidden cameras, while the more elaborate and contestee flower, the greater the likelihood that your spy gadgets will be invisible. The colors in the room – a natural phenomenon, so it is unlikely your maneuver someone will pay attention.
And finally, for the lazy, in specialty stores covert surveillance sells a variety of household items. This ballpoint pens, watches, coffee cups, lighters, cell phones – these things are already installed hidden camera, and so skillfully, that is unlikely to cause suspicion by even the most attentive of people.