Get tested at the doctor. Before you start training with weights, you need to find out exactly whether you have contraindications. This will depend largely on schedule, the quantity and quality of exercise. It is not recommended to lift weights if you have back problems, joints, or cardiovascular system. If you have all these aspects in order, proceed to the next step.
Join a gym. You will not be able to get a perfect body in six months or even later, if you deal only on the bar or the crossbar. You definitely need to lift large weight on the blocks and shells. Why buy a subscription for 1 month for 3 classes per week. Monday do squats with a barbell, presses feet, thrust block shoulders and to his chest. Each exercise is performed with maximum effort for 10 times in each of the 5 approaches. If you can add a few kg to the weight of the projectile.
Train your chest and biceps. On Wednesday, take a basis for the following exercises on these muscle groups: bench press on a flat bench, wiring the dumbbells in hand, lift rods on the Scott bench and dumbbell alternate bending at the elbows. The principles remain the same as when pumping the shoulders and chest. Remember that the break between sets should not be more than three minutes.
Worked out back muscles and triceps. Finally, on Friday do deadlifts, bending with the neck, and the French bench press. Ensure that when you perform your first exercises back was straight in the final and initial phases. Number of sets – 5, reps – 8-10, depending on weight. The latter should grow in proportion to the personal dimensions.
Make yourself a high-calorie diet. It is not enough to perform the above complex for the formation of a beautiful body, because muscles have a special protein diet. The best food for muscle growth: chicken, beef, buckwheat, fish, cheese, milk, bananas, vegetables. Divide your diet in 5 receptions every 3.5 hours. All this will help the muscles to the anabolic effect on growth.