Have athletes the Golden rule - only on a certain day they pump certain group of muscles. The rule is universal as to those working in the gym, and for those who started training at home.
If you need it in a short time to give the body shape, then you need to approach training in a holistic manner. First, it needs to be healthy sleep - at least seven hours a day. If there is a lack of sleep, the body will get tired and will start to Deplete itself. This will negatively affect the figure, since all physical exercise will strengthen the muscles but will not make them more visible, and certainly not increase them.
You need to pay attention to nutrition. There is a perception that you need to consume protein in large quantity. Zealous in this is not worth it. This will have a negative impact on the work of the digestive tract.
To achieve quick results is to do several times a day. The morning should do the workout. It will be sort of a warming up of muscles. Also, the workout will accelerate the blood circulation, which will lead to an early improvement in the functioning of the brain and drowsiness will be removed as a hand. At this time, you can perform a standard set of exercises on the overall development of the body. This is a classic push-UPS (preferably with fists or fingers, if they are quite strong), crunches (upper and lower), and the like.
During the day, begin to use. In the absence of exercise machines exercise imagination and begin to develop the body. Instead of the dumbbell it will come down plastic bottles filled with water. Increasing the number of ascents increases the load on the muscles. And don't underestimate the small weight of the projectile.
For the development of the legs will fit squats, jumping out of position semi-squat up, with the feet to his need to press. This will develop as the muscles of the legs, and will have a beneficial effect on the abdominal muscles.
Any object in the house can be adapted for active improvement of your body. Feel free to invent any new methods, techniques and equipment.