Advice 1: How to drink goat milk

Milk is the first food the child receives. Whether human or animal milk for him equally useful. This files most often prefer cow's milk because of its pleasant sweet taste, but goat"s milk is not inferior to it in nutritive value.
How to drink goat milk
Goat's milk does not cause allergic reactions and digestive disorders. It shows even people with peptic ulcer disease and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, because it contained lysozyme has wound healing properties. Goat milk is good for adults and children. It saturates the body with protein, calcium, acids, B12, vitamins, phosphorus and iron.
Goat's milk contains easily digestible fat is useful, however, depending on the lactation period that milk can contain a very large amount of fat which will adversely affect the pancreas. So get used to goat's milk should be gradually, carefully watching his health. Add it to the tea to taste or dilute with warm boiled water. Drink slowly and in small SIPS, start with a few times a week, gradually increasing the dose of milk.
Enter the goat milk in the diet of small children gradually. Starting from 6 months old you can feed the baby porridge, cooked in goat milk. It is also possible to dilute dry mixtures of artificial feeding of infants. Follow the dosage and use milk without preservatives, it will be very useful for your child. Do not attempt to replace cow's milk in goat. Let the addiction is gradual.
Goat's milk is better not to boil. But if you like hot milk, drink it immediately after boiling.
Goat milk is good for cleansing the body of toxins, as well as for recovery ulcers. Use only whole milk, not subjected to heat treatment. Buy at the pharmacy chopped herbs celandine. Take 1 Cup of dried celandine and sew in a gauze bag. To the bottom three-liter jars put the bag with the sinker. Fill it with three litres of serum, they goat's milk. Cover the jar with a clean cloth and leave it for 2 weeks in a dark place. Do not move the jar during this time, the position and temperature of infusion should remain unchanged. Ready infusion store in the refrigerator. Drink it warm for 1/2 Cup for 20-30 minutes before meals for 2 weeks as prevention of the gastrointestinal tract and cleanse the skin.

Advice 2 : Why goat milk is so creamy

Goat milk is a unique product, rich in vitamins and minerals. Due to its natural properties, it optimally meets human needs and improves health.
Why goat milk is so creamy

Goat milk and its properties

The fat content of milk cow is much higher. But the fat in goat's milk is better absorbed, making the human body better it takes.

Be aware that it is not recommended to give babies under one year. In comparison with women's milk contains a special enzyme that breaks down fats in goat's milk does not. Therefore it is not suitable for infant feeding.

When the child is older than a year or more, it can feed goat's milk.

If you compare this product with cow's milk, contents of fat more 15-20%. But at the same time, goat milk does not contain in its composition of the agglutinins, allowing fat balls contained therein, does not stick together. As a result, the body metabolizes this product much better.

Goat milk contains more essential linoleic and arachidonic acids. If we talk about medium and unsaturated fatty acids, their content is also higher than in cow's milk. Because of this, goat milk is much easier to digest and absorbed by the body, but fat has high.

The fat content of goat milk: benefit or harm

Do not be afraid of the high fat content of goat's milk. If you eat it in moderation, it will bring only benefit to the body. As they say, everything is good in moderation, and this product is no exception. However, abuse of this product, as goat's milk can adversely affect health, as well as any excess consumption of anything.

In addition to healthy fatty acids, this milk contains great amount of vitamins and minerals, which in combination with each other will allow you to avoid many diseases.

First and foremost, goat's milk normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system, displays the body of radionuclides. Goat milk is involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and improves the process of cellular respiration.

This milk is recommended for people undergoing a period of recovery or rehabilitation after an illness. It is able to energetically support the body. The strength will come back faster, and the body will soon get stronger.

Even those people who are allergic to cow's milk can eat goat. Those who wish to lose weight, you can safely drink goat's milk because of its fat is not converted to fat tissue and will not affect the diet. The false confidence many people that goat's milk pounds will be to stick to the body, has no scientific basis. Rather, this product will give your body more energy, which is more than you can indulge in active sports.
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