Worldwide, goat milk is considered the most useful. Because of its low allergenicity and good digestibility of milk given by goats, it is recommended for baby food. If you believe the legends and myths of Ancient Greece, Zeus the Thunderer himself was nourished with goat's milk. And if you compare cow's milk with goat on the content of valuable substances, it becomes clear why the latter is more popular.

The benefits of goat milk

Any milk contains valuable vitamins, minerals, however, the product given by the goats, calcium, vitamin A, protein and more. And there is less cholesterol, though the caloric content below is from cow's milk. It is proved that the fat of goat milk is better digested, it is digested more quickly and can be used for diet, baby food. The digestibility of goat milk due to lack of agglutinins, causing the fat globules in the product do not stick together. When injected into the stomach proteins product form a soft clots which milk does not irritate.

Goat milk can be consumed with pancreatitis, ulcer disease, diseases of the biliary tract. This dairy product is recommended for bronchial asthma, liver disease, colitis, migraines, acute inflammation, depression. The therapeutic properties of the milk of goats explains the use of animals of plants with astringent effect. Drink can even stop bleeding.

The differences between cow's and goat's milk

Goat milk has more fat – about 10 grams per Cup in cow's same – 8-9 g. you Need to remember that it is much easier to buy low-fat or skim cow's milk, goat is traditionally diluted with water.

In cow's milk a little more lactose is 4.7 % and in goats, this parameter is 4.1 %. Therefore, the milk of the goat can be used by people with mild lactose intolerance. Most often, goat's milk is recommended to drink for those who are allergic to cow's milk. But the full hypoallergenic product, which is given the goats can not speak.

Found that in goat milk compared with cow's four times more copper, 134% potassium. And even in the milk of goats is more folic acid – 10 times, five times higher content of vitamin b-12.

The uniqueness of goat milk is that this product has a milder taste than cow's. Fresh goat milk will stay fresh longer due to its antibacterial properties, milch animals are immune to tuberculosis, so their milk is used for the treatment of this disease due to the antibodies.