You will need
  • - consultation of the pediatrician;
  • - a mixture based on goat milk;
  • - tested a goat or a store that sells goat milk;
  • - boiled water.
Before giving breast milk to a child, consult your pediatrician. Despite the abundance of information on this subject, read the opinion, because it is responsible for the health of your child, and treat it is too.
The optimal solution for infants will dry milk mixtures based on goat's milk. Their composition is perfectly matched with all the needs of the child. Select the store or with the help of a pediatrician a suitable mix and try to give it to your baby in accordance with the instructions.
If you still decided to give the baby whole milk, find the source of the product, that is a goat. Try to find reliable and proven animal you will know that it contains clean and caring owner each time before milking wash her udder. Don't let milk from a stranger to goats, perhaps the animal was introduced into the feed hormones or antibiotics. Alternatively, buy goat milk in the store, but nutrients it will not be much.
When your baby reaches 6 months, as foods start him on goat's milk. Be sure to boil it before giving to a child, because even if the goat is tested and familiar, you can't be sure that it doesn't hurt, for example, tick-borne encephalitis.
Goat's milk is very fatty and contains a lot of protein, so it must be diluted with boiled water. For the first time, dilute it harder, for example, 1:5. Then gradually decrease the amount of water after 1 – 1.5 years, you already give undiluted milk.
For the first time give the child quite a bit of milk not exceeding 50 ml (divorced) and a few days wait. Carefully observe the baby, if he has Allergy or intolerance. If there is sneezing, runny nose, cough, reddened and itchy skin, rashes, in any case do not give more milk. Wait a month and then try to give a small amount. If symptoms recur, forget about goat's milk, your child has an Allergy to it.
If the child tolerates goat's milk, and he's not allergic to, gradually increase the amount drunk per day. For a child 1 – 2 years of daily norm of milk per day – 0.7 liters.