About the benefits of milk

Let's start with the fact that milk is a product in itself very useful. It has a lot of calcium, protein and valuable for human vitamins. This vitamin a, b vitamins, vitamin e and valuable minerals. Milk is rich in amino acids and contains lactose – a protein involved in digestive and metabolic processes of the human body.

It is worth noting that the lion's share of all useful components of milk and is preserved after thermal treatment, if you make it correctly. Boiled on the stove the milk really loses vitamins, but pasteurization, which takes place in industrial conditions, the milk heats up and cools down very quickly. Technology designed to destroy pathogenic microflora, but keep the good bits.

The danger of fresh milk

Whether fresh milk immediately from the cow" is much more useful conventional stores? You will be surprised, but the answer is no. The fact that the cow in the village, no matter how pure and beloved it may be, can be a hidden carrier of various diseases, pathogens which penetrate into the milk. The most common is mastitis (inflammation of breast). Mastitis often can place in a latent form and does not affect the state of the cow. Without testing and inspection of a veterinarian, the owners may not even be aware of it. A cow suffering from mastitis produces milk containing a large number of somatic cells and leucocytes. They are already present in milk at time of milking, and in 2-3 hours after it their number increases several times. Add to that the unknown conditions of milking. Washed if the nice grandma that sits on the market, hands and bucket before milking, nobody knows. Would you give this milk to your child?

Physicians and veterinarians agree is a clinically proven, store milk in all cases it is better and safer that you can drink right from the cow. The exception is the case when the cow and her owners you personally know and you know that the animal was examined by a veterinarian and it's great.

Use fresh milk

In fairness, it should be noted that the quality of fresh milk, milked in normal sanitary conditions, and from healthy cows, drink is really very helpful. The first 30 minutes after milking in this milk contains a huge amount of immunostimulatory substances. And vitamins, and taste in it is really more.