The composition of milk

Infants not recommended to feed cow's or goat's milk for a number of reasons. Now there is a very wide selection of diverse children vysokotarifitsirovannyh nutrient mixtures. Manufacturers strive to make their composition the most similar to the composition of breast milk. But the composition of cow's milk is very different from the breast.

First, high protein and sodium (3 times higher than in the thoracic) may have a negative impact on the health of the child, because the child's organism is still not ready to cope with such loads on the kidneys. In addition, concern for pediatricians is the low level of iron in cow's milk. If the baby is not getting enough iron, it raises the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.

Milk formulas often cause allergies in children, but cow's milk is one of the strongest allergens to the body of the baby. Goat's milk can also cause allergic reactions, but much less frequently.

Another danger of feeding a child cow's milk is that the calcium contained in it, is poorly absorbed because of insufficient amounts of fatty acids, vitamins and carbohydrates. For the foregoing reasons, feed the children under three years cow's milk is not recommended.

Goat's milk more suitable for babies. Its protein is easier to digest, and in composition it is a bit closer to breast milk. Unlike cow's milk, it contains folic acid. But it is better to start to feed the child goat's milk after a year.

Feeding recommendations

If you decide for any reason to give the baby milk cow or goat, remember that it is better to enter it in 9-12 months, starting from 50g per feeding. Pay attention to the fat content of milk, even milk with a fat content of 2% must be diluted with boiled water in proportion 1:1. It is also important what kind of milk you give your child.

Mothers who lived in villages, much bolder and at an earlier age, introducing baby to cow's and goat's milk, because they believe that their cow is not sick, you know, what she eats, where grazing. We can not be sure that the milk bought in shops or markets, it's absolutely safe. It needs to be boiled before drinking, and this, unfortunately, destroys a part of useful nutrients.

Pay attention to the chair of the baby and skin rash. If you have any problems, infants older than 8 months can be administered in the diet instead of milk baby milk products, milk, yogurt. In any case, the most optimal, healthy baby will be continued breastfeeding. In the second place utility are dairy dry mix, enriched with all the necessary baby vitamins and minerals.