Bring the newly born kid to the nipple of the mother, pre-straining off a little colostrum. Postpartum colostrum can help the kid to be cleansed from original feces and will protect at first because of infection, i.e. will contribute to the initial formation of immunity.
Don't let the kid down to the 10-th day of his life nothing but mother's milk, gradually increasing the dose. The first week of life the kid should be fed no less than 6 times a day. To 10-th day – 5 times.
Starting from the 11th day of life, feed your kid 4 times a day, adding in his food a little liquid cereal with breast milk. At this age it is necessary to take away the kid from the udder.
Start slowly to accustom the kid to grazing. Three weeks after the birth of his kid ¼ of the daily diet can consist of finely chopped root vegetables (mainly potatoes and carrots), grated apples, fresh herbs or a liquid oat porridge.
Starting with a 30-day, gradually decrease the dose of milk. So, if a kid at the age of 30-40 days, it is recommended to feed only three times a day, and mother's milk is still 2/3 of the diet, at the age of 60-70 days the amount of milk in the diet of the goat is only 1/5 part.
Feed the goat, in addition to milk, dry concentrates, cereals, bran, root vegetables and grass constantly, starting about a month after his birth.
For two months the kid can already do without cereal, so replace it with dry feed, hay or imiami.
Give a kid clean water for at least 3 times a day first with warm water at room temperature, then cool (but not below 12°C).
Monitor the health of the goats. With two weeks of age be sure to give them vitamin and mineral supplements that promote the bone growth and the formation of immunity.