White and air


Natural milk – a great source of nutrients. That is why at different times it was used as a treatment for many different diseases: cholera, scurvy, diseases of the nerves and bronchitis. Among the numerous useful properties of milk is its ability to remove excess fluid from the body and the presence of large amounts of calcium. In addition, we should not overlook the fact that mother's milk is the key to good child health. Simply put, many fans think it is milk white in vitamin and it is not unreasonable.

But do not forget that the heat treatment drastically reduces the usefulness of the product, that's why mostly recommended to drink milk fresh.

Of course, there are modern methods of treatment that preserve all the benefits of milk. To get a high rate of preservation of useful properties of milk, many manufacturers began to apply the method of ultra-high-temperature pasteurization, when the milk in fractions of seconds lends itself to heat treatment. Thus, it is possible to get rid of harmful bacteria while retaining useful components of the product.

But the human body with age is losing the ability to easily and quickly digest milk, that's why many doctors, despite the use of the product, of the opinion that to drink adult white vitamin should not be.

In India believe that milk is the only product that contributes to the rapid development of the delicate tissues of the brain.

Some arguments "against"

Unlike the inhabitants of India, modern doctors recommend in adulthood strongly to be fond of milk. The reason for this is that milk contains milk sugar, or lactose, for processing which is produced by a special enzyme. The adult human body is arranged so that with age the production of the desired enzyme is reduced, thereby complicating the processing of lactose. The consequences are obvious: bloating, and allergic to milk and abdominal pain.

Why with age do not have to fully give up milk, you can either reduce the amount of its use, or substitute soy milk.

In addition, the propensity for kidney stones milk may contribute to the formation of new stones. And myristic acid, which is contained in natural milk, help the development of atherosclerosis.

Dietitians recommend to drink milk in small SIPS, to the enzymes of the gastric juice the same uniform could get milk and qualitatively to digest, preventing the process of fermentation.

In addition, the milk possesses very high calories and contains cholesterol. A preventive effect of milk in occupational diseases is not clearly proven.