Searches hamster should start with the most secret places in the apartment. These include: space for furniture and cabinets, various drawers and shelves, boxes, backpacks, handbags, shoes, bottom and back of electrical appliances having cavities.
как найти джугарского хомяка дрма
If the hamster in any of the secret places to be found, his journeys can be traced using the bait. On the floor, you should pour a handful of sunflower seeds, and around it a little flour or corn starch. Animal, eat the bait, flee to their hideout, leaving on the floor small white marks, which will not be difficult to calculate its location.
как найти малыша хомяка
Next to the bait can scatter bits of foil or cellophane. By doing this, you must turn off the lights and wait for the appearance of the animal, carefully listening to every sound coming from the lure.
болеют хомяки
If the hamster lives at home is already quite a long time and have grown accustomed not only to the hands and the voice of the master, but also to his nickname, the probability of the rapid capture is greatly increased. The owner must be just to entice the animal by name, for example, "Shary, Shary, Shary". There is a strong likelihood that the happy hamster out of his hiding place and return to its burrow.
как поймать сбежавшего хомяка
To catch the hamster in the apartment, you can use the special safe trap for rodents which is a box, luring animal, but not killing him. It is, as a rule, the so-called "trap a live mouse.
There is another effective way to catch an escaped hamster. To the bottom three-liter jars or other tall vessel with slippery edges need to place any treat that has quite a distinct smell. Before the jar on the floor, one should build hills, for example, from books or magazines, resembling a ladder. It's the need to put the trap. All this is, of course, for ease of penetration hamster in a jar. A hungry animal will climb from books and magazines, coming down for food into the jar and back out.